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No New Posts Law of the Land (MUST READ!!!)

Here you may find the set laws of Freedom's Palace. If you do not read these rules, you may find yourself a little embarrassed, or in trouble. Every law here has reason for its' existence. So take care to follow them.

Moderator: Kanchana

1 2 The Law of the Land
by Kanchana
Apr 11, 2010 13:14:40 GMT 8
No New Posts Character Tracker

If you want to keep a log of your characters, when people join I will just make one for you anyway. But if you have not got one PM me (Kanchana) and I will make a sub board for all your characters. For each new character post a new thread under you name. You can post images and the stats of your character, as well as any notes you may have. One sub board per person only!!!

Moderator: Kanchana

Sub-boards: Dead Characters, Kanchana's Characters, Roselew's Characters, Dawntango's Characters, Hellhorse's Characters, Erosaf's Characters, Saphira's Characters, Otho's Character, Demoderby's Characters, Alamandy 14's Characters, Epona's Characters, Flame's Characters, Charmed549's Characters, Vivi's Characters, Kezzian's Characters, Ashley's Characters, Newton1's Characters, Untamedforever's Characters, LadyGaga92's Characters, YetBeautiful's Characters, Phantom's Characters, Cheesy's Characters, Lorrinda's Characters, Thomas' characters, Gem's Characters

381 800
No New Posts RPing School

Here is a place you can come and ask help from some of our teachers to improve your RPing level. Our teachers are here to help, so please listen and not waste there time.

Moderator: Kanchana

12 30 Helping Please?
by otho
Sept 18, 2010 0:48:38 GMT 8
No New Posts Best of the month!

Here is where you come and vote for your favorite member, character, couple and other things of the month!
If there is someone you wish to nominate, please PM me, Kanchana, or post and I shall add it to the list.
Please vote!

Moderator: Kanchana

Sub-boards: RULES OF VOTING (please read!), RPer of the month!, Best couple of the month!, Best character of the month!

20 117 Best Character Of The Month (December 2010)
by Kanchana
Dec 14, 2010 7:35:36 GMT 8
No New Posts Time for talk

Come here to talk about anything! Everyday life or just talk to friends. There is also a sub board for advertisement, so it's a pretty all-round board.

Moderator: Kanchana

Sub-boards: Competitions and Games, Got a website and want to share!!, Write a Story.

87 643 Mass Pm Poll!
by alamandy
Jan 6, 2011 13:35:35 GMT 8
No New Posts Coin Toss

When your mare or wolf is pregnant you MUST post here. But don't worry we just toss a coin for the gender and you can make the rest of it up, e.g. eye colour, body colour. Every so often the mods will pick a mare at ramdom and that foal/pup will be born with a defect. This rarely happens so don't worry. Also the number of pups born will be chosen here. For more info re-read the rules.

Moderators: Kanchana, Rosey-Lew ^.^

Sub-board: Finished Coin Tosses

83 217 Dragon Wing and Moonslight
by Kanchana
Jan 6, 2011 6:45:15 GMT 8
No New Posts ProPictures - 1 Viewing

Want to share any art you may have made? Whether the art be of your horse characters, or just some random images, you can show it off here.
Also, here, people may request and make art for other users. If you have any questions about this board, please don't hesitate to ask.

Moderator: Kanchana

Sub-boards: Roselew's Creations , Kanchana's Creations

36 148 Requests
by Kanchana
Jan 4, 2011 14:43:39 GMT 8
No New Posts Away for a While

When you have something to do and you can't be on for a while, please post on here so your characters aren't deleted.

Moderator: Kanchana

33 64 Died.
by otho
Jan 7, 2011 9:56:28 GMT 8
No New Posts Suggestions and Questions

If you have any suggestions for improving this site, please tell me here. Or if you have a question that has been nagging at you about this site, you may also post that here for a member of staff to reply to.

Moderator: Kanchana

2 11 A Couple Things
by Kanchana
Dec 29, 2010 9:55:19 GMT 8

Charrie References

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No New Posts Create

If you wish to create a horse or a wolf, then come here. Simply click, New Thread, fill out the form, post and then wait for it to be accepted !! It's as simple as that. (I will try and get though them as fast as possible, so be patient please!) Once I have said yes to your character I will move it into your Character Tracker sub-board.

Moderators: Kanchana, Saphira, Corrupted Soul

4 10 Scarred Shame
by Gem
Jan 7, 2011 6:30:31 GMT 8
No New Posts Horse and Wolf Breeds

Here you can find details on all the types of animals allowed on this site. Look in the bookmarked thread which is linked to all the threads with details. Also, magical animals which follow certain rules are also kept here.

Moderator: Kanchana

62 66 Index
by .:Phantom:.
Dec 29, 2010 11:39:00 GMT 8
No New Posts Used names

All the names of all horses and wolves that are accepted are posted here so that the name is not used twice. If you want to make a charrie, please check this board to make sure that the name you want is not already taken.

Moderators: Kanchana, Saphira

2 21
No New Posts Getting Older

This is where you post when you foal or pup is old enough to be an adult. Please look at the form before posting.

Moderators: Kanchana, Rosey-Lew ^.^

5 5 Seamus
by alamandy
Jan 2, 2011 15:04:39 GMT 8
No New Posts Alliance's in Place

If you have a Alliance between stallions or wolves, it must be posted here or it does not count. You must state the kind of alliance and if it has a time frame or not, if so how long that time frame is.

Moderator: Kanchana

26 27
No New Posts Abandon or Adopt

If you are quitting, have too many charries or just want to get rid of a character of yours, you can post the charries stats here for adoption. You have complete control over who adopts your charrie.
If you want to adopt, you must post a reply on the wanted horses' thread asking if you can adopt the horse/wolf. If you can, then have fun role playing.

Moderator: Kanchana

22 56 Sonnet
by Saphira
Nov 22, 2010 10:09:51 GMT 8

Ok, once a month, you post here with EVERY single one of your charries. You must include Name, date, foals, what herd they run with (or land they own is stallion).
For the form you MUST fill out, please read the rules.

Moderator: Kanchana

17 59 Gem's characters
by Gem
Jan 2, 2011 11:59:22 GMT 8
No New Posts Sneak!

Want to sneak a few mares or she-wolves from a stallion or male wolf? Come here! Create a new thread, and post your sneak. Check the thread in here for more details on sneaking.

Moderator: Kanchana

41 162 He should have what i have not
by alamandy
Jan 8, 2011 8:47:14 GMT 8

Social Grounds

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No New Posts Alaknanda River

Centered around a wide river surrounded by willow trees, and beyond that, dense forest. The ground is illuminated by green, dappled light, as the sunlight winds it's way through the thick canopy above. There are many worn paths, and occasional fallen trees and stretches of grass.
I guess this is where mares and she-wolves come to find themselves a herd or a pack.

Moderator: Kanchana

60 764
No New Posts Vandin Place

Flower fields, litter the plains. Both horses and wolves young and old, cruel or kind come here to let the gossip spread.

- No claiming or herding allowed -

Moderator: Kanchana

4 118 We Need Your Help (all please!)
by .:Phantom:.
Dec 13, 2010 3:37:49 GMT 8
No New Posts Sanctuary of the Solo

Here, any horse or wolf who wants to be away from herd life can come to find peace from the fears of the world. However, if a mare or she-wolf was already in a herd/pack, she cannot come here if her herd law forbids her to do so.

- No claiming allowed -

Moderator: Kanchana

8 103
No New Posts New Life

When it is time for a mare or she-wolf to give birth to her foal(s) or pup(s) she can come here to do so. Or she can stay in her own lands, her choice.

Moderator: Kanchana

37 78
No New Posts Wajida Glade

Here is where those lovers can come and spend some time. However, I suggest that they keep close, because forcebreeding can occur here. Otherwise, this is where to come to breed, forced or not.

Moderator: Kanchana

38 308
No New Posts Bimbisaar Grounds

The land is bare, nothing grows here. If you wish to challenge another horse for lands, mares, she-wolves etc. then this is where to go. After challenging the stallion and brutes in his lands, meet him here to begin the fight.

Moderator: Kanchana

6 206
No New Posts Morte's Field

Morte's Field is no doubt a place filled with sickness and death, but it still a place of unbareable beauty. Horses and wolves sick or just old come here to live there last days, before laying down never to get up again.

Moderator: Kanchana

6 33
No New Posts The land of Abhilasha

The land of Abhilasha, or The land of Wishes, is where Ceelena roams.
Ceelena is a unicorn who has decided to give her life to help others.
Comming here you can try and seek her, or if you call loud enough she might find you.
Before comming with a request of help, make sure you read the rules.

Moderator: Kanchana

22 216 Can you help with this? [kanny, phantom]
by Kanchana
Jan 7, 2011 8:18:47 GMT 8
No New Posts Meeting Place of the Gods

Fields of green and skies of blue define these lands. Bordering the land of wishes, the meeting place of the gods is the perfect home. Those who control powers are most at home here. Though, only those with pure souls may enter.
The ruler of this land is unlike any other who runs here. Call the name Cerridwen and see who appears.

Moderator: Kanchana

0 0 No posts have been made on this board.

The Lands

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No New Posts The Coast

Surrounded by deep and blue oceans, the coast is a beautiful but dangerous place. The fast currents can sweep away young foals for them to never be seen again. Seagulls fly over the deep blue, no more then white flecks in the sky.
The sand is softy under foot, welcoming to everyone who has travelled to see its sites.

- Woodrow Cove
- Iñlïsår Ñørãtíåñ
- Black Sands
- Vernien En' Seere

Moderator: Kanchana


78 1,152 I Do What I Must (Phantom)
by Kanchana
Jan 8, 2011 5:23:48 GMT 8
No New Posts The Desert

The land is hot all year round; the only relief comes after dark where it drops to below freezing. The deep sands are hot to those not used to it, yet welcoming to those that are. With stunning sunsets and morning rises, it really is worth the visit...

- Inferno Plains
- Valeska
- Red Sun
- Sea's Of Sand

Moderators: Kanchana, otho


97 1,535
No New Posts The Forest

In the middle of the lands lay the forests. Beautiful and ancient in there times. Hidden valleys, caves and glades are all around, just waiting to be discovered. In summer time, between the trees are cooler than some other parts, in winter, warmer. Though dangerous animals roam here also, it is a safe and happy place to live.

- Thunder Meadow
- Eternal Paradise
- Snowy River Forest
- Heavens Peace

Moderator: Kanchana


99 1,346
No New Posts The Mountains

The Mountains are one of the rockiest lands around, stunning sight and cold blooded horses normally stick to this part of the lands. Though, not only horses rule these parts, giant wolves and bear roam here to. Even though the saying 'keep those you love close, and your enemies closer' are not true. In fact it would be best to stay away from those animals....

- Ciera
- Gemdas
- The Rim of Heaven
- Silver Forest

Moderators: Kanchana, Epona

Sub-boards: Ciera, Gemdas, The Rim of Heaven, Silver Forest

56 633
No New Posts The Valley

The Valley is a truly wonderful place, down the center runs a wide river, but shallow enough to cross. Rocky lands and Running almost down the center of the valley a river. During the winter months, it can become quite a raging and sometimes flood threatening beast. The rest of the year, if you wander along the river, it looks to be dry, but don't let it full you, it merely goes underground, to reappear further downstream.

- Eleazar
- Misty Mountains
- Carrick Cliff
- The Devil's Swamp

Moderator: Kanchana

Sub-boards: Eleazar, Misty Mountains, Carrick Cliff, The Devil's Swamp

63 707
No New Posts The Secret Valley

Hidden from sight, the Secret Valley is the safest plain in the lands. Unless you know where to look. Sitting between two huge mountains sits a fast flowing river. Following the river you will end up at the tunnel. Don’t be fooled, for entering this tunnel will bring you to the open plains. Here sits the many terras of the Secret Valley.
Here all mares are safe, and humans cannot enter.
It is a peaceful place to live.

- Africa
- Faoi Thionchar
- Aonar Ciúnas
- Still Waters

Moderator: Kanchana

Sub-boards: Africa, Faoi Thionchar, Aonar Ciúnas, Still Waters

57 635 Europa, you're mine! [phantom]
by .:Phantom:.
Jan 6, 2011 7:14:42 GMT 8
No New Posts The Arctic Tundra

An island has appeared from the deepest pits of the sea. Its shores and fields alike are covered with the beautiful glassy shades of ice and snow. But, no normal breed roams here. The Eispferd or the Ice-horses call this land home.

To live upon these shores, you must get permission from Kanchana, Erosaf or Phantom

Moderators: Kanchana, .:Phantom:.

Sub-board: Haus der Eis-Pferde

2 12 Sneaking Around
by erosaf
Dec 30, 2010 11:44:54 GMT 8
No New Posts Danger's Gully

Danger's Gully is a place to be scared of. From a young age, the mere name of the place sends fear to the pit of hearts.
The cruelest of there kinds live here, those that enter have no chance of leaving without word by the kings.
Mare and she-wolves will be forced to bare pups/foals, until the end of there times. Females are not given the chance to talk, there voices are not welcome in a world of males.
If you dare to join, enter at your own risk and be ready to prove yourself worthy of the title; dangerous.

Horse King: Demetrius

Wolf King: Remus

- Radu

Moderator: Kanchana

10 97 I seek the help of those dark of soul...(Phantom)
by .:Phantom:.
Jan 7, 2011 10:23:50 GMT 8

Bits and Bobs

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts A Forgetful Admin!

Ok, here is the board for our forgetful but loveable admin, Kanchana. Is full of stuff that she needs to remember to do, so this is just for her.
Not that she remembers to check here...

Moderator: Kanchana

43 72
No New Posts Old Times

Here are old posts. These are either finished or unused posts. If for some reasons PM me, Kanchana, and I will give you the password for the board, please tell me why you want to go look in there anyway.

Moderator: Kanchana

625 7,669 Trial By Kanchana
by trial
Dec 24, 2010 5:57:29 GMT 8


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